SupportTheLittleGuy is a Twitter based campaign founded by @BrandonLayng ( http://www.brandonlayng.wordpress.com ) with the mission to get more exposure to the small press publishers and its writers. In tough economic times the small press is often forgotten when over-shadowed by the stresses facing the major publishing houses and it’s often forgotten that these same troubles face the small press as well. The small press is a source of fiction and poetry that you won’t often find published by the major publishing houses for many reasons and they bring to you a variety that boggles the mind. It’s the source of fresh ideas and new voices.

It’s our job as writers and readers to show it support so that tradition can stay alive and thrive. By adding the #SupportTheLittleGuy hashtag to your Twitter posts you’re sharing otherwise unheard of talent with your fans, friends and readers.

So when you’re doing a list of FollowFriday or WriterWednesday writers on Twitter, add this new tag to let people know these are authors you support. Encourage them to do the same. Retweet to your followers when you see the hashtag added to a tweet. Be a part of a support network focused on helping to increase the exposure of this oft forgotten and neglected portion of the market.

Also if you add the #SupportTheLittleGuy hashtag to your book, short story and magazine announcements, myself and other members of the campaign can retweet them to our followers and increase your exposure because we all know that the small press doesn’t have the marketing dollars or the impulse buy placement in brick and mortar stores that the major publishing houses have. With word-of-mouth we can overcome this obstacle and bring new readers to books/magazines/short stories they may never have known existed if not for you.

We all need help with promotion and this is our way of helping each other. We stand together!

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  1. Jaleta Clegg says:

    Great idea! Thanks for retweeting my posts.

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